Friday, February 19, 2010

Pics Women Wearing Kotex Pads I Need Info And Pics Of What Women Wore In Biblical Times. Can You Give Me Books Or Websites To Quote?

I need info and pics of what women wore in Biblical times. can you give me books or websites to quote? - pics women wearing kotex pads

a paper for a class of the Bible. the document is Abigail, Nabal's widow, wife of David, 1 Samuel 25th I need sites and places that you can call and give an author. Can you recommend something?

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  1. It is a very specialized. I doubt I can find something in the exact line. I suggest going to a library and ask the librarian for help. There are books on this subject, may on the basis of anthropology and archeology, you check and for a site, I do not know.

    Can the descriptions to write. Most bear signs of art produced during this period biblical dress and not what they actually spent. Also, an artist from the description of the clothing when, according to a contemporary account of it, not necessarily fair. Clothes do not survive as a rule, very bad, so it is very difficult to know exactly what they were wearing. You can draw parallels and that is all.

    Edit: BTW, by the edict that no image of the ancient Jews, in contrast to the surrounding societies like the Egyptians, and took no Caananites representations of themselves, so there is no contemporary descriptions of them. You can use the same in cultures around the clothesm.